Your Time is Limited . . .

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We have been wanting to start a blog for some time now and what better time than NOW. Always waiting and waiting for the right time to do what you want to do will never happen. We must MAKE TIME to do what needs to be done and do it now! By the way, this is Cory writing. Aloha everyone!

Since launching our company Empowered Presentations back in December of 2010, much has happened. The iPad 2 was launched, Bin Laden was killed, and my son Andrew turned 11. Thinking back the little time that has passed and accomplishing a lot since, we still have a long road ahead.

At times, as a growing business owner, it is a little challenging to balance work, family, fun, and fitness and have suffered in certain aspects of them. For example, working hard and sacrificing family time is not always worth it. I sure have put on a few lbs since and am now hitting the gym frequently once again. Having fun is always important and by moving back to Hawaii makes it easier for sure!

I am thankful for my business partner Yancey for allowing me to follow my heart and intuition on starting a business with me and moving back home. Had I not had the courage to do so, who knows where we’d be right now. How many lives would not have been changed by quitting smoking,  giving a bad sales pitch, not getting that investor to invest in their business, or not inspiring TED speakers from around the world by us not creating our presentations! - EP

4 Responses to “Your Time is Limited . . .”

  1. Michael says :

    Aloha Cory, glad to see you guys doing a blog – I will be checking back on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!


  2. Cory says :

    Thanks Michael! Appreciate your feedback anytime! – EP

  3. Muhammad Durmush says :

    TIME is the only resources we don’t control. “Waiting for the right time” is a common disease that ruins the lives of dreamers.
    The minute which elapses will never come back again. This a serious truth which we always forget in the midst of our busy lives.
    Thank you Cory for this inspirational post, and thanks for Steve Jobs, my “entrepreneurial role model”.

  4. Cory says :

    Aloha Muhammed! Thank you for taking the time to comment on this blog post! We agree 100%.

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